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For Future Generations, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final section of our debut issue! Now that we have explored the history of generation ships and delved deeper into the ideas behind them, we move on to the third and final theme that arose from our submissions: what about the planet we may seek to leave behind?

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For Future Generations, Part 2

The first section of our first issue is now complete, and we move from exploration to interrogation. Yes, perhaps a generation ship is currently our most feasible option, but will it always be so? Are the associated costs worth the benefits of such a titanic effort? Is there a middle ground? What haven’t we considered?

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For Future Generations, Part 1

Dear Reader, Welcome to the debut issue of Electric Athenaeum! We hope you, the current generations, enjoy the articles, stories, and poems we have gathered to explore the theme of For Future Generations. We certainly enjoyed (most of) the process of assembling them for you!

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