Electric Athenaeum was inspired, in part, by the idea that science fiction, as a genre, is inherently collaborative. Evidence of this can be seen from the early days of genre magazines, where readers were actively encouraged to respond to the stories they read. Readers and writers came together in clubs and at conventions to celebrate and discuss works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other, stranger works. The SFF subculture grew and flourished, fans became writers became critics became academics and so on, an ongoing feedback loop of creation and conversation.

Each issue of Electric Athenaeum aims to build on this idea and foster conversation around a specific theme or idea in SFF. Our debut issue, for example, focuses on the theme of For Future Generations and plays with ideas of conservation and sustainability, examines tropes including generation ships and terraforming, and questions what current generations owe to the future of humanity.

Stories, poems, and articles will be tagged with accompanying hashtags, so it’s easy to join the conversation on social media.

Thanks for reading!